Mapping the World by Heart

Mapping directions

Do 1, 2, 3 first.

     1.     In light pencil, outline the continents

     2.     Trace continents in black ink

     3.     Shade the water side of the continents blue

From here on, you should label 18 locations a day for an "A".

Do 4 - 10 in any order you wish.

4.     Mark country borders, shade borders, label country

5.     Label oceans, seas, gulfs,…

6.     Mark and label mountains, deserts, rivers,…

7.     Label tropics, Arctic Circle, equator, and prime meridian

8.     Include a compass rose

9.     Title/ Key box (title, name, date, and color key)

10.  Decorate as you wish




Why study geography?